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Thread: small breasts with shallow latch

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    Question small breasts with shallow latch

    My breasts are pretty small, about a B cup since my milk has come in. My areola is small...she can take all of it in when she opens wide. I don't have flat or inverted nipples...my anatomy is good...just small. All of the women in the breast feeding books and videos have very large breasts with nipples that look pretty stretched out. I think we have a shallow latch. I watched a video posted on another thread. It is pretty uncomfortable to nurse. My nipple is just not long or big enough to get past the hard palate in her mouth. What is there, if anything, I can do about this??? My nipples are pulled out further after she comes off, but they are still not that long and I don't think they are getting into the comfort zone far back in her mouth. What should I do?
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    Default Re: small breasts with shallow latch

    I also have the same shallow latch problem with only one breast. Ive asked for help on this and mothers have said to try different positions.. so maybe you could try that.

    I am going to watch this thread becuase I would like to know how to prevent this from happening to me as well. Though it seems that my nipple is just getting tough lol and doesnt hurt as bad anymore when she latches shallow.

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    i have very small breasts as well,
    and i know exactly what you mean about all the photos and diagrams are of mothers with larger breasts!

    i have found that getting baby really close and using lots of pillows helps to get a deeper latch.
    i often times will put 2 pillows on my lap when i'm nursing my 2 year old just to get him up to what my brother once called long ago my "mosquito bites"

    i also always hold my breast and make the nipple pooch out a bit. if i nurse my son without holding onto my breast in this fashion, i get all flinchy and feel like he's going to chew on me!

    you will find something that works for you, but it may not look as perfect as the pictures in the book, it doesn't for us anyways!
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    Default Re: small breasts with shallow latch

    Could you try different positions? Sometimes one position is more comfortable on one side, while a totally different position is more comfortable on the other.

    When do you feel the discomfort? At the beginning of the feed? During? After? How would you describe the feeling?

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