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Thread: For those of you taking fenugreek, a few ??

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    Default For those of you taking fenugreek, a few ??

    How long until you noticed an increase in supply?

    Did you stop after your supply was boosted, or do you still take them regularly for maintenance?

    What dose are you taking? I just started 3 610mg pills 3x a day and don't notice the syrupy smell yet. Should I be taking more?

    Are you tkaing blessed thistle with it?

    If you are pumping, how much of an increase did you see? I'd like to get an extra 1-2 oz over 3 pumping sessions, is that unreasonalbe? RIght now I get about 12 oz total, with nearly half that at my 9AM pump.


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    Default Re: For those of you taking fenugreek, a few ??

    I worked with my pedi on finding the correct dosage for fenugreek. It was 7 pills 3 x a day and I noticed an increase about 48 hours after starting it.

    Your body will become immune to the herbs if you take them continuously w/o giving yourself a break. I was told to go 6 weeks on and then 3 weeks off.

    I thought that I had to take them as well for maintenance but recently found out that I did not. I weaned off them... dropped down to 5 pills 3x a day, then 3 pills 3x a day then none at all. I noticed a decrease in my supply for about 1 week (my baby is on solids so I didn't worry about it) then slowly it was back to where it was while using the fenugreek. I actually have had a bit of OALD recently w/o using the fenugreek so I know that I'm producing plenty.

    IMHO I found that eating the right diet way more beneficial than taking the herbs. I fill up on lots of dark green leafy veggies and lean proteins. Also take the time out to get enough rest will increase your supply.

    The herbs should only be relied on for temporary usage and are certainly not a permanant solution. Some women find no increase in supply either. Fenugreek is also an appetite stimulant and I was ravenous taking the herb- weird side effect lol.

    HTH and I would def. work with a Dr. to see what is best for you!

    Good luck!

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