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Thread: Gerber finger foods

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    Default Gerber finger foods

    I jsut went to Babiesrus to buy pamper and found that Gerber finger food was on sale 3 for $5 ... dont blame me its on sale.... so I want to try it out.... I am not intenting to replace her breast milk or her regular meals but I am curious to see if she likes it and what up ....

    anybody using those????

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    Default Re: Gerber finger foods

    which foods did you pick up??? I use gerber for a lot of stuff

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    Default Re: Gerber finger foods

    I usually make my own finger foods, some of those jarred ones (like the mini hot-dogs) looked scary to me. I'm curious to know what the ingredients are in some of them though? Maybe they aren't so bad?

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    Default Re: Gerber finger foods

    My DD LOVES the wagon wheels. She "eats" 2-3 per day. Is that the kind of finger foods you were talking about?? We use the puffs for her to practice her pincer grasp, she very rarely eats them yet.
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    Default Re: Gerber finger foods

    Claire loved the wagon wheeles (which I had to get my parents to smuggle up to Canada) the puffs and the freeze dried fruit.. I agree the glass can stuff like hotdogs and beans look freaky.

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