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Thread: I could really use some help! LONG

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    Question I could really use some help! LONG

    I've been having difficulty with breastfeeding from the beginning. My son is 10.5 weeks old. I started BF shortly after his birth (not as quickly as I'd have liked because of C-section, but as soon as I could). I was told that he was having trouble latching on because I have flat nipples, so I was given a nipple shield. He uses this very well.

    However, 3 days after his birth, he stopped peeing. I had to supplement with 20mL of formula after nursing and pumping, then supplementing with the pumped BM. They checked him out, and eventually, he started up again (with a HUGE waterfall of pee! ). I was eventually told I could stop supplimenting.

    My son would nurse for hours if possible. He tends to fall asleep very early on in the process, and I have to keep trying to wake him up. He never seems to get full, but he was never fussy. Then at his 1 month appointment, the doc became concerned because his weight gain was low. He only gained 6 oz in the first month. 11 days later I went back in for a weight check, and he had only gained 4 oz. The doc said that every once in a while, you'll find a baby who is perfectly content with not getting enough to eat. LO was never fussy about the amount he was eating, he slept well, and he was peeing once we got home. I had no idea he wasn't eating enough!

    His ped recommended supplementing with formula, but only nursing for 20 minutes first. I felt horrible. After just over 1 week of nursing for 20 minutes and then supplementing 4 oz of formula, he had gained 1 lb. 12 oz! His ped recommended keeping that up because he didn't want his weight to drop.

    My son would still nurse forever if he could. Some evenings, when I get home from work and my stepkids aren't there, I'll nurse him as long as he likes, but I can't always do this. I'd really like to get him off formula and exclusively on BM, but I'm not getting enough for that with having to send it to the sitter's. (When he's there, he usually takes the 4 oz of BM that I send and then she has to give him up to 5 more oz of formula!) And after nursing for a long time, I still don't think he's emptied my breast!

    He goes back to the ped on Friday. What questions should I ask the doc about supplementing and formula use? Also, could anyone here give me advice? How can I get him to be a more effecient BFer? I'm so frustrated with myself!

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    What was his diaper output before you were supplementing? If he was having 6-8 wets and 1-3 poopy diapers a day then he was getting enough to eat. That is always your best indicator. Some babies are just slow to gain weight, but that isn't the only indicator that they are thriving.

    Him eating a bottle after nursing isn't an indicator that he wasn't getting enough at the breast either. Most babies will still eat a bottle even if they were full from the breast. They have a strong desire to suck and will keep sucking a bottle even if full.

    I know it's hard when you have to work and can't nurse exclusively, but maybe this weekend just stop giving all bottles and watch his diaper output. If his diaper output is good then you know he can stop supplementing.

    If you like you can bring in the World Health Organization's growth chart for breastfed babies to your doc just so you can see how he is measuring up on a chart for BFed babies versus formula fed babies. http://www.who.int/childgrowth/standards/en/ you can pull up weight for age and weight for height. I'm sure some others will come along with more advice!! Good luck to you!

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    It is perfectly normal for bf babies to want to be at the breast frequently the first couple of months. This helps them gain weight and helps your supply. I would put the baby to the breast as frequently as possible. It would help if someone else would pitch in around the house or you might just need to let things slide for a few weeks. Doctors love to automatically say give formula instead of telling you its normal for your baby to want to nurse frequently for the first couple of months. You might want to check these out:


    As to the daycare situation, here is a link on how much ebm they normally take: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html

    Watch and make sure your provider is not over feeding based on the above link. Most providers are used to feeding formula and do not realize that babies do not eat as much EBM as formula and will over feed. Babies will typically eat it if offered because they have a strong suck reflex. You will also probably need to pump every 2-3 hours when you are away from baby to keep up with how much he is eating when you are away. Here is a great resource for pumping mothers:
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