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Thread: smacking or clicking when nursing

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    Exclamation smacking or clicking when nursing

    Hi, my LO is 2 weeks old today. She was born with a tongue tie we had snipped last monday (she was 9 days old at the time). The procedure went well and having done some research before hand I thought everything would be perfect when she latched on afterward. Things are better...the pain is a little more tolerable, but she continues to make a smacking or clicking sound almost continuously when she nurses. I know she is loosing suction each time and her latch gets smaller, she ends up with a small mouth on my nipple...ouch. I usually relatch her right away, but manytimes she will be sucking actively...and when I go to relatch she is fast asleep, leaving me feeling really engorged. Sometimes the smacking and loss of suction leads to her getting more in her mouth and her latch is actually better...so I have been less frequently relatching her so see what is going to happen first. Anyway, my local LLL told me that it may take some time for her to relearn...but I haven't see any progress. Is this loss of suction because she is not getting her tongue out far enough? If so, is there anything I can do to help her learn that she is able to extend her tongue out further. I guess I am just afraid she is not learning how to latch properly and things are not going to get better, unless I help her out in some way. We try all the different positions and she still looses her latch continuously. If anyone as any input I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much!
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    What I can share with you is the reason my LO was "clicking" it was due, in part, to a high palette, but also due to OALD (overactive letdown) THat could be partly to blame for your DD's issues as well.
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    So what do you think about that article? Does that sound like a possibility? How does baby's mouth look now?
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    My LO does this too, but only on my left side. I have a "lazy nipple" on this side. It does not pop out as well. I have always wondered about this, because it only happens on one side and it is not causing me any pain. He is gaining really well...so w/no pain and weight gain, I am trying not to worry about it too much.

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