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Thread: Tired of Blocked Ducts

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    Quote Originally Posted by moose View Post
    You should pm mollyb. She had problems and her health care provider recommended something, but I cna't remember what it was. Sorry I'm not help!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Claire View Post
    Well, I tried to PM Molly but her box is full & it won't accept it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mangai View Post

    Can you try taking Lecithin supplements ?

    yep that's it

    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    Soy lecithin is recommended for recurrent blocked ducts, but proceed with caution because some babies can be sensitive to the soy. When I took it my son vomitted.

    Are you wearing a sling, purse, backpack, diaper bag, etc that could be contributing to the blockages?

    The big question: does your bra fit right? Are you wearing underwire? I had to give up bras completely to keep my blocked ducts away. I know thats not an option for everyone though.

    One more thing. I found when I was taking Omega oil in my orange juice daily I got more blocked ducts. I started taking it every 2 days instead of every day and it improved.

    Here is a handout from Dr Jack Newman regarding recurring blocked ducts, hope it can be useful to you:

    there is non-soy lecithin, I have some made by NOW that comes in a softgel

    I was the queen of blocked ducts before but so far, so good this time
    agree with bras, moist heat, and frequent nursing suggestions too (sorry nak)


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    Just wanted to say that I also had a lot of problems with blocked ducts around when my LO was around 7-9 months. It seemed one would just clear and then I would get another on a different side or different spot. Not fun.

    I tried massaging and warm baths, it didn't help me but others claim it does. I ended up taking letichin as others said and it seemed to help. Also nursing frequently enough. If I didn't listen to my LO's ques if I was busy, like if I put her off a bit, I would get them more easily. Over time, I stopped getting them and haven't had any in so long I don't remember, now I am nursing my 2 year old. Hang in there. I hope you find some help soon. The link from Dr. Jack Newman is a good one, too. I actually went to his clinic a long while back due to another problem and he is great and very knowledgable.
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    I am going through the same thing right now. My son is 14 weeks and for the past month I have been getting plugged ducts every other day. I started taking the Lecithin and was fine for about 5 days and then I just got another plugged duct yesterday. I have been block feeding, but still have so much milk. For those of you who have had this and still breast fed, does it stop at some point or will it be like this for the entire time I breast feed? At some point does supply and demand take over? My problems started when my son started to sleep 5 hours at night, even after 5 weeks my body has not adjusted. I feel as though I will never be able to stop breast feeding because my body will never get used to it. I don't know if I can survive a year of plugged ducts every other day. I am an emotional wreck from them.

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    I'm sorry to hear you are having such a problem with plugged ducts. How frustrating and painful!

    How long do you nurse on one side before switching to the other? (2 hrs, 4 hrs, etc.) Perhaps you need to stretch it out further to bring your supply down even further. Have you tried hand expressing just a tiny bit in between to relieve the fullness? If the breast is still mostly full it should still help your supply go down in the long run.

    Have you considered your clothing, bras etc to make sure nothing is constricting you in any way? Do you wear your baby and if so are you very careful about not pressing the breast tissue with the sling or carrier? Do you wear an underwire bra? Do you always get the plugs in the same part of your breast or all they all over?

    Do you think there is an infection present? Sometimes they are very hard to shake. I never had mastitis but had about 4 plugged ducts in the course of a few weeks and eventually starting using coconut oil on the nipples and believe that really help. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus it's a food to it's safe for baby to ingest. You can find it at any grocery store but might have to ask for it- it's usually in the natural or organic food section I think. It's a solid at room temperature and melts around 75 degrees.

    Hope it gets better soon and don't hestitate to call your local LLL leader for some extra help!

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    I feed on one breast at each feeding and then switch to the other breast at the next feeding. My baby eats about every 3 hours so that is 6 hours in between feedings on each breast. That works during the day, but he sleeps around 5-7 hours at night so then each breast is going around 8-9 hours. That is when I am getting engorged and plugged ducts. I think that the first plugged duct I got was because of an underwire, but I have switched to all comfortable bras with no wires (Bravados) and I have not carried my son in a carrier since he was 5 weeks old (the plugged ducts started at 6 weeks). I will try the coconut oil. I don't think I have an infection since I have no fever and the plugged ducts come out within 24 hours. I don't get them in the same place in a row but they switch from one breast to the next in all different locations. The lecithin seems to be helping. I just want my supply to die down at night when I don't need the milk because he is sleeping. Does the body ever figure that out?

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