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Thread: MIL twins in NICU

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    Default MIL twins in NICU

    Posted in Multiples too but i will add more details here:
    My MILs- yes i have two. well the youngest gave birth to twins (boy-girl) at 31w2d this past saturday. the girl is 1lb 13oz and boy is 4lb1oz. They are both in the level 3 NICU. Boy is worse than girl. Mil still doesnt have her milk yet so they are giving girl donor milk. She is working with a LC and is pumping and getting some drops. she wants to Breastfeed. These are her first children. I am the ONLY other one to BF. I am looking for ANY tips to give her. I am going to make up a little like pamplet for her.

    I talked to the local Moms of Multiples LLL leader today and she told me a GREAT book is Mothering Multiples.


    more details as of day before yesterday and yesterday:
    Boy has chest tube, PIC line, IV, NO feeding tube yet (or i think he may now), open isolette
    Girl is in closed isolette (but can be touched and held in isolette), Biliruben lights (level is 10 as of day before yesterday, but going down), IV, PIC line, IV, Feeding tube getting donor milk.

    I have had a NICU baby, but never this early or small. i also didnt have a level 3 NICU baby- DD1 was level 2 so things are a bit different.

    again im looking for ANY advice. thanks
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    My son wasn't a preemie, or a twin, but he was in level 3 NICU. My heart goes out to your MIL -- what a scary and stressful situation...

    I would just suggest that she get as much rest as possibly -- which is extremely difficult under the circumstances, so help from family and friends is vital. The more she can be relieved of having to worry about anything else, the more comfortable she can feel taking breaks to get fresh air and sleep and good nutrition, the better. It can be really hard to not be able to really touch your baby, especially when you are trying to pump, so being as near as possible, and keeping photographs of them with her when she is not beside them may help with milk letdown. If she is someone who is comfortable talking about her feelings, try to get her in touch with another mother who has been through something similar -- sort of a mentor she can ask questions of and vent to when needed. Ideally, a postpartum doula would be acquired -- she would be able to attend to mom's needs, offer support, etc.

    I wish I had more to offer... Keep us updated on how they are all doing...and to all of you....
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