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    I have a very odd question. I'm worried about feeding my son fruits/foods with citric acid. He's at the right age, since they say 6-8 months is the ideal time to start. What concerns me is that while I was pregnant with him I was very sensitive to anything with citric acid, like fruits and juices. They gave me really bad indigestion. This has gone away for me but I wonder if my being sensitive to it while I carried him means that he will be sensitive to it now. Have any of you had a similar experience?

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    I had serious acid issues in my pregnancy too- Zantac was my friend I think that was more a pregnancy thing, than a real food issue though. I don't think babies need juice at this age, but most fruits seem to be ok- see the links below. Just hold off on any citrus until a year old according to the second link since it is much more acidic than the others. HTH...



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