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Thread: Weaning sounds like a dream!

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    Thank you for the support ladies, it helps to know that I'm not alone in these feelings. I really need to scan over the solids forum to see if I can get some more help on that aspect too.

    Eme you're right that I should look at the big picture and remember this is such a small part of his whole life. It's so funny because today he was so nice nursing- we cuddled on the rocker and he rubbed my arms while he was nursing and napping. It was the best feeling.

    I will try out some of these suggestions with the nursing and see what might work for us. We're having a bit of a problem with the signing atm because now that he can wave bye bye he keeps doing both milk and bye bye all day long. He will sign milk at the grocery store to everyone and bye bye all at the same time... I need to sort that one out too.

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    We had that exact issue! She'd sign milk and people would say hi or bye and it was actually quite frustrating for her. So she and I came up with our own sign for nursing. It was knocking at the chest. She'd take her fist to her chest if she wanted to nurse. If I put her off too long and I was holding her, she'd start knocking on my chest. Gently, but very persistently. Nagging in sign language, I guess. But much preferable to nagging in spoken English.

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    Thats why I modified my sign for nurse... I figured thered be confusion. now he says nurse and its OH SO CUTE
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