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Thread: Weaning sounds like a dream!

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    Default Weaning sounds like a dream!

    This is a little vent...DS is now 10 months. Recently I'm feeling really 'over' nursing him-he's such a little piggie and snacks all day long and at night on me. It seems as if weaning is so far in the distance because he doesn't really eat any solids. Maybe a bite here or there.

    Both of my boobs are sore- he sometimes bites me when he's teething and I keep getting these painful recurring milk blisters. My nipples always have scabs on them. Then, he's very difficult to clip his nails so I have nail marks on my boobs too!!!

    Sometimes I feel like nursing my baby consumes my entire life. I can't leave him for more than 2 hours because he won't take a bottle of EBM and he won't eat enough solids. He's constantly groping my boobs even when we're not nursing. I'm exhausted. I know it's the right thing to do but I'm beginning to resent our nursing relationship!

    How can I get over this slump I'm feeling at 10 months of nursing?

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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    I hear ya sister!
    No advice from me, I've been struggling with this too. I've just recently been trying to introduce more snacks, and forcing myself to give him breakfast, b/c that is the meal I have been to lazy to prepare for him. I'm not sure why i've been feeling this way, but I do have moments where I do still enjoy it, because I know he wont be this little for much longer-its the only time I get to be close to him in a way.
    wow sorry for rambling and slightly hijacking. But I want you to know you are not alone in your feelings. Just try to cherish the moments, as painful and annoying as they are...he'll be running away from you before you know it.

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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    I think in order to get a little more freedom you are going to have to get him to eat more solids. Pretty soon BM is not going to be enough and it's important for his development (picking up tiny objects, chewing, swallowing, etc.). My DD is 11months old and eats 4 meals a day, 2 small snacks, and BF about 5 times a day. Your LO is BF so much I think because he needs more to eat. It's nice when they have regular meals because you can go run an arrand and dad can feed the baby. And baby is happy for hours. Good Luck!
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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    IMO most women feel fed up with nursing some of the time. With DS1 I had to give myself small goals to keep nursing in the beginning. Like I'll nurse for a month, then I didn't want to say I nursed for a month and half so I'd try to make it to 2 months, etc. It really helped to look at the big picture of what's another month out of my life when it can make such a big difference in the life of my child.

    I would try to get your lo to eat more solids or some EBM so you could maybe take a break. A few months ago my DH watched my boys so I could go to the mall by myself. It was relaxing but felt incredibly strange to sit and eat a sandwich by myself w/o having anyone need anything from me.
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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    DS started eating more solids in jumps starting around 10 months. He would suddenly double his intake, then a month or two later, double it again. Hang in there! This too shall pass. Are you able to get outside much? I know that's going to help DS and I both a lot.

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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    I was in exactly the same place and basically we just introduced more solids. Even though it didn't seem like he was eating much, he nursed less. Some days he nurses more and some less now, but I can take it better because I am not so "touched out".

    Good luck!!!
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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    At ten months, I'd skip the bottle altogether and offer cups and straws with water.

    You can put limits on his nursing now. I didn't limit that early, but when I did finally get some solid nursing limits in place, it was like a breath of fresh air and a whole new nursing relationship. He will start eating more soon.

    If my dd did anything that hurt me, I'd stop nursing right away; just for a minute or two. I know it really ticks them off, but at some point you need to teach your child not to hurt. I know he's not doing it on purpose, but he is hurting. Breastfeeding is a great starting point for many parts of parenting, including discipline. Stay calm, tell him it hurts and stop nursing him when he scratches or bites. He'll stop doing that soon.

    I know one mother that would cut her child's nails after the child was asleep. She said it was the only way she could do it.

    10 months is a great age for nursing gymnastics too. It helps if you can laugh at it... get a few pictures. That part mellows out soon enough too, though the creativity never really disappears altogether.

    Does he have a sign for nursing so that he can ask first, or does he just go for it? Having dd ask first helped me to enjoy our nursing relationship longer too.

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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    Although I'm not in your exact position, there are times when I just feel I have given all of me to everyone in my family except for me. What about me?

    The nursing makes it hard to do things for yourself b/c of the time constraints, b/c there is no schedule.

    I went through this with Kate and I am here again with Norah.

    Lately, I've been reclaiming some me time as soon as Dh walks in from work, I run like a bat outta hell and head to the gym and do some cardio. Just getting out for 30 or 45 minutes and sweating makes me feel better.

    I will tell you that when Kate was about 15 months she was only nursing at nap time and at bed time. Then, one day, she didn't want to nurse for nap. And I did not fight her. After about a week of that, I got my DH to come have his lunch at the house and I headed out for lunch with the ladies.

    There will come a point when you can get back to yourself a little bit and it will feel like a heavy weight has been lifted. Having been through this already makes it easier for me to see the light right now. And it's hard seeing the light with this little Nizzle nursing all through the day, then at 8:00pm, 10:30, 1:30, 3:00, 6:30....
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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    Quote Originally Posted by MommyLuvsU View Post
    How can I get over this slump I'm feeling at 10 months of nursing?
    Remind yourself this is a small fraction of the life of the babe - and try looking at it as time gifted to you by the baby.

    In a life span of a human - being 80+ years, (sometimes more ) the 3-4 years we're given where they really want and love us the most, is a small small portion.

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    Default Re: Weaning sounds like a dream!

    9-14 months were very hard for us too because my son was not eating much solids either and was nursing a lot. Around that time I started to schedule times to give him solids and I started giving the solids before nursing, when he is really hungry. Gradually he started eating more and around 14 months he was eating more solids than BM. Things will get easy for you too. Just remember that There are no adults around living on BM. Everyone starts eating solids at some point and your baby will do it too.

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