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    I have a severely cracked nipple issue. I met with a LC and she recommended that I use a nipple shield. I've been using it for three weeks however my nipple still has not healed. It has improved though. Is it a problem if I continue using the nipple shield until it heals? How long does it usually take for a large crack to heal?

    By the way...the LC said that I have an oversupply of milk so I don't think the nipple shield will hurt my supply...will it?

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    Default Re: nipple shield

    What other things have been done/used to help aid healing?

    Here are a few things to try if you haven't already:
    -lanolin cream all the time, especially just before puting on the nipple shield
    -I used a pharmacy-made compound called triple nipple cream, which helped the skin to heal and prevent infection; my OB prescribed it
    -correcting any latch and/positioning issues
    I strongly suggest that you make sure of the latch because that is almost always the reason for cracking. Baby's lips need to be turned, rolled out back over.

    I don't know if the nipple shield will affect your supply that much since you have oversupply (I'm not second guessing, just wondering about the oversupply and how she came to that conclusion-just to have a clear picture)b/c I was having trouble with having enough milk when I used the ns, so I'm no help there. It may help get your supply down to where it needs to be, then you can wean off the ns.
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    Default Re: nipple shield

    My nips got cracked from pumping in the begining, and nursing with the shield did help, and i did not have supply problems but i have heard that it could happen... sorry i'm not much help

    Oh - I have been told that BM helps with cracks - Good Ol' Breast Milk!!

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