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Thread: Reflections on BF after 7 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by annanotherthing View Post

    4. Nipple Twisting: I have yet to read a book titled "The violence of breasteeding." Hmm, market niche, perhaps I could write it. Or perhaps it's already in the baby's handbook: "Twist, turn, scrape down nipple, then bite down hard. Mom really reacts to that!" And mine isn't even getting teeth yet.

    3. Cat Scratch Fever: Yep, that was my thread. Oh, yeah. Breasts and belly that look like hamburger for a few weeks. Consider bypassing the trimming of nails in favour of the trimming of baby's fingers (but only for a second or two).

    1. Worry: I have never worried so much in my life about my bodily fluids and whether or not I have enough of one. Oh, the stress!

    Happy BF, everyone!

    This should be made into a sticky! So far I've been SO lucky and haven't had too many issues but when I hear of the issues some women have I remember your post, soon after that my son gave me a nice little scar on my boob to add to the nice strech marks! And there's the worrying about if he's getting enough bc he's so distractable! I'd love to see a book like that, seriously, there should be something out there that tells it like it is. Of course there's bonding and cuddling but when that all you think your going to get you end up thinking your getting much more than your bargained for
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    Quote Originally Posted by knm626 View Post
    i swear my LO thinks my nipple can go whereever her head turns... Um, sorry honey, mommy is attached to that!!!!!
    so, my wiggly 15 month old will nurse, then twist and turn enough to where she can slip down off my lap, nipple still attached. I am so thankful that I haven't had to go to the ER to have them reattach my nipple cause the baby has ripped it off.

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