My LO fights sleep all the time! I think he's afraid that he's going to miss something. Anyway, he's gotten to where he'll actually take the pacifier out of his mouth b/c he knows that it's relaxing him too he's sort of gotten that way with nursing. Not every time, but sometimes when he's tired he'll pull off and latch back on and keep the pattern up. But lately I've noticed that he'll do that until I have letdown (w/active suckling, I usually have letdown w/in 60 seconds). My letdown is not slow by any means and as soon as the milk is there, he'll nurse w/no problem. But for that first minute or so, it's on and off and on and off. He doesn't really seem fussy about it or anything like that, and I try and keep him suckling so my letdown will occur quicker. Anyway, I noticed that he does this primarily when he's tired. Should I be concerned?