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Thread: Nursing before Solids?

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    Default Nursing before Solids?

    Before we started solids I would nurse dd (6 1/2 mos) when she woke up, then again about 45 minutes later because she isn't a big eater first thing in the morning, although she does want to eat right away. Since we started solids about three weeks I nurse her when she wakes up, give her solids 45 minutes later and then try to nurse her again after. About half the time she refuses to nurse the second time. Should I be trying to nurse her before offering the solids at the second "feeding"?

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    For the first full year, most nutrition comes from nursing. Solids are just for learning about food, feeling, tasting, testing, etc...little tastes here and there. IMO, I would offer to nurse first, then offer a few bites of solids.

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    Default Re: Nursing before Solids?

    I would offer breakfast sometime after you know she got a full nursing session in. Lots of people aren't very hungry after just waking up, even me, LOL.

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    Default Re: Nursing before Solids?

    i have been givign my LO rice cereal, just a few times, but i will nurse her then giv eher food adn then nurse her again. it might work for you also.
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    Default Re: Nursing before Solids?

    I would continue to nurse on cue, then offer solids in between...giving her enough time to have a little bit of an appetite. If those solids begin to replace that nursing session, that's okay, too.
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    We offer solids right after nursing and right before bath time. I still don't give him solids everyday and sometimes he might not get them for over a week.

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    Default Re: Nursing before Solids?

    If you let her self-feed the solids then you shouldn't have to worry about the solids replacing the BM. You can let her go at each one until she's finished.

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