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    depending on the source, there are different guidelines. talk about confusing. i was looking at one source that said cereals, then meat (of all things!), veggies, then fruit. not sure i agree with that. when my oldest were babies, now 11 and 12, the order was cereals, fruits, veggies, then meat/dairy. i think that 9-10 months might be ok for introducing meat, but i am leery of chicken sticks, as in chicken fingers? what else is in them besides chicken? i would be cautious of giving lo's commercial type foods that contain at lot of additives/filler ingredients. i am guessing that there is some sort of breading; what it is made from? if you are concerned about allergies, make sure what ever is in, your lo has already had, as she has not had chicken yet. when adding new foods, make sure you are only adding one new thing at a time, check igredients, so you know what causes probs if they are any. i would suggest to start off with plain meat, ground/pureed with broth, or mixed with veggies. the only thing about commercial products, you really don't know how much meat, therefore protein your lo is actually getting. it's better to either prep it yourself, or buy jarred meat with simple things added like broth, then mixing it yourself. why not check with dieticians? here in canada they are free sources to go to get info. likely what ever a formula/food company is telling you, the bottom line is to push product, not good nutrion.

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    I want to recommend to you this website, even if you're not making all of your own food for lo: www.wholesomebabyfood.com . It has charts of what baby foods lo can eat at what ages, 4 to 6 months, 6 to 8 months, 8 to 10 months, and so on.

    Is lo eating anything besides smooth pureéd foods at this point? When you're eating, does she show interest in what you're eating and does she "chew"?
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