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Thread: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

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    Default Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    Hi everyone....I'm posting this question for my sister in law who gave birth on March 15th. She's nursing and is doing well so far, but just called me asking me a question that I can't seem to find the answer to. Because I received so much help and support on this forum when I was BF'ing, I thought I'd come back and ask for her (I've told her about this site, but she's too tired to get on yet....poor dear).

    Anyway, she just called asking me if I experienced any "uncontrollable chills and shaking" after giving birth and while breastfeeding? I had heard that profuse sweating was normal after birth, because your body is just ajdusting, etc. However I don't really remember that happening to me so I don't have any advice for her. She says that it's been happening for about 5 days straight now, 2 or 3 times a day, and it's bad enough at times that a heating blanket and other warming devices aren't helping. She's called her Dr. who tells her that it's "normal". Seems odd to me...her DD is two weeks old now. Has anyone else expereinced this? Does it have anything to do with nursing? Does anyone have any advice? Is there anything she should be doing to help this? Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    Does she have a fever? Lumps and/or tender, hot spots on her breast(s)? What comes to mind is mastitis.

    I had that terrible shakiness after my c-section, but as the anesthesia wore off and I got to hold my baby, they went away. So unless this is lingering effects from anesthesia, I don't know what's normal about this. Maybe some more knowledgable mommies will know something I don't. If she decides to go to the dr., go to one other than the one who said this is "normal", in my opinion.

    Is she particularly anxious or having/has had anxiety issues or panic attacks?
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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    I had that after I had my 11 year old but it was mostly just in the hospital once I got Home I don't think it happened again.

    is she resting?
    having nipple pain?
    running a fever?
    under undo stress?

    one of the nurses said it was common after labor becuase the baby is like a little mini heating pad.
    That sort of made sence to me

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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    Poor thing! I'm no doctor, but that sure doesn't sound normal to me! Does she have a fever too? Is she feeling okay otherwise? If she's feeling sick she should probably see a doctor. Its too bad hers doesn't seem to be taking her seriously. I got really bad chills/shakes with spikey fevers recently (so not related to birthing/breastfeeding) and it turned out to be an auto-immune thing.
    Hope your SIL feels better soon!
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    Cool Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    I had that immediately after giving birth to DS, but it went away after I got some rest. What's happening to her does not sound like the normal after birthing effects!!
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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    I also had uncontrollable shaking during my c-section and immediately after giving birth (an effect of the epidural, I was told.) But it went away as the anesthesia wore off. Then once I was home I had the chills & a fever when I had mastitis (3 times, within the first ~3 months!)

    Does your SIL have a fever? Has she taken her temperature? If she feels like she has "flu-like" symptoms (fever, chills, etc.) then some sort of infection comes to mind, namely mastitis, but it could be some other sort of infection if she has any stitches "down there" or an incision from a c-section.

    I know when I had a fever, my OB said to call him immediately, and they always took me seriously when I called to make an appointment. (Once, after mastitis had been diagnosed a previous time, I even had my doc paged after-hours and he called me in a prescription for antibiotics immediately when I started feeling the same symptoms again...)

    If it's her OB who said it's normal, have her call her family doc... if it was her family doc who said it's normal, have her call her OB. Uncontrollable chills & shaking definitely don't sound normal to me either!

    Hope your SIL feels better It's no fun not feeling well with a tiny baby to care for!
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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    I know right after I delivered my dd I had uncontrollable shaking but it only lasted 30 min to an hour and I was told that it was because my body had been through so much and it was going through shock. I was cold during that time but have not had any problems since. For this to be happening to her for this long (and this long after her baby) I would not say this is normal, but I also am not a doctor. Good luck hope she gets to feeling better.
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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    For some reason I feel like they told me to call the doc if I did experience chills and/or a fever over 100.5. I can't find my discharge paper work to check, but she should definitely put a call in to her doc, even if she speaks to a nurse! Never hurts to call! Better safe than sorry!
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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    This is common, as I was told. I had it with both and was told it was hormones changing.

    Hope it eases up.


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    Default Re: Uncontrollable Chills and Shaking!

    My MIL had the chills and shaking after she had DH's half-sister. She had been home for a couple of days and recovering from her c-section. I can't remember what it was from though, but it wasn't mastitis related.
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