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Thread: Tongue-tie with no problems??

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    Default Tongue-tie with no problems??

    Is it possible for my baby to be tongue-tied but not to be affected by it? My month-old feeds well, gains well, plenty of diapers, but I am in excruciating pain and I can't figure out why. I'm seeing an LC tomorrow, but I was just wondering if this is even a possibility. His tongue looks slightly heart-shaped to me. He eats great on the right side and it barely hurts, but the left side is a disaster (and he never seems as content after eating on that side either). any thoughts??? I'm in so much pain.

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    Hi, I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Has it been this way since your LO was born? Can you see the frenulum? My 1 week old was tongue tied until this afternoon. We took her to a ped ENT and he snipped her frenulum. She was sleeping and in a tight swaddle at the time and never even cried. I only saw a very small amount of blood in her mouth that was gone only minutes later. My daughter was also feeding well, gaining weight and having great output.

    Check out this site http://www.aap.org/breastfeeding/8-27%20Newsletter.pdf

    Oh and the first ENT we were referred to said she was too young for the procedure and that it would have to be done under general anesthesia in the hospital...and that this was not the cause of our breast feeding issues and maternal breastfeeding pain! I am so glad we got a second opinion. The procedure was done in the office without anything...it didn't even phase her.
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    It could be tongue-tie, although I'm not sure why it would hurt more on one side than the other. I'm really glad you're seeing an LC tomorrow! So sorry you're in pain, that is terrible. I hope you get some good help and answers.
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    Breasts aren't created equally. DS was tongue tied and it hurt much worse and was much harder to get him latched on to one side than the other. As the excellent article linked by pp says, maternal pain is a factor to consider with tongue tie. It can sometimes also happen that your baby gains fine in the early months when your milk production is more hormonally driven, but when it becomes more supply/demand around 4 months, babies with tongue tie sometimes run into trouble. The tend not to be able to suck correctly which is needed to provide the necessary stimulation. Hope the LC can get things figured out.

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