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Thank you for all your great advise. Last night was a bit better she only woke up three times!

You are all correct - she is hitting milestones. It seems like she is drooling quite a bit and may be close to teeth. Also she has been making motions like she may crawl soon....

We nurse a lot when I am home and she gets bm bottles during the day. We have not started any solids yet, I am kind of hesitant to start too soon, but have been thinking of getting sweet potatoes and making a little puree for her.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement.
Take your time. There's no rush. Solids at this point are just for fun, pretty much. It sounds like you both have a lot on your plates (no pun intended). Solids don't help baby sleep-that's an old wives tale. I bet someone will post here the link to read about when babies are ready for solids.