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Thread: My Baby is Refusing Left Breast

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    Default My Baby is Refusing Left Breast

    Hi All,
    So glad I found this forum! Here's my story:
    We had a hard time latching in the beginning with both breasts. But we got it down and have had success since them. Baby is 3.5 months old.
    Latching on left breast has always been a little tricky but we got it down. My left nipple is inverted. She has always favored the right one and has had a day here or there of neglecting the left, but we are on day 3 right now and I am starting to panic.
    I don't want to nurse her on one side. My right nipple is sore from all of the action. She still hasn't taken a bottle so I don't even have that as a relief, though we keep trying.
    Any ideas? Please share any words of wisdom you might have. I would like to get her to nurse on my left side again Many thanks!

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    my baby refuse my right breast, because it was blocked and i didn't know, so i left him to do what he wanted, now i have one bigger , now what i do is to feed him when he is sleep and i offer first my left brest when he is awake.
    sorry for my english

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    My baby is 7 mos and pretty much completely rejects the left breast at this point. She has favored the right and pushed the left away for ages but I pushed the left. Making her eat from it first. At this point she will barely latch on that side and then immediately releases. My boobs are pretty lopsided. In hindsight I wish I would have pumped on the left while she was eating on the right to keep my supply on that side up. I'm trying now but I can only pump like 1/4 of an oz on that side. You might try pumping on that side. You can always just store that milk and it will build your supply.

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    Hi and welcome!

    Three days! I am sorry. Don't panic, there is lots you can try.

    Have you been able to pump on the left? Pumping will keep your milk production in ok shape while you encourage baby to nurse again on that side. If baby is not nursing at all on that side, you want to pump as much as you can, at LEAST 6 times a day. Pumping might help bring your nipple out more as well. Don't worry about how much milk you get, just pump as much as you can until baby is nursing on both sides again. If you do not have a pump, have you tried hand expression?

    For the inverted nipple, Have you ever used or considered a nipple shield? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/wean-shield/ What about a nipple everter? https://www.lansinoh.com/products/la...nipple-everter If you are getting engorged, which can make it difficult for baby to latch, you can try Reverse Pressure Softening. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...oft_cotterman/

    The breast sandwich latch technique can work well for a flat or inverted nipple.

    It is typical for a baby to prefer one side at least a little. There are many ways to encourage baby to nurse on the less preferred side. Have you tried offering that side when baby is sleepy, asleep, or just waking? What about dripping a little expressed milk (or hand expressing a little milk) on that nipple? This article has many ideas for encouraging baby to nurse in general, they can be adapted for the one-sider. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/
    My right nipple is sore from all of the action.
    Be very careful about making sure baby has a good latch on this side as well, even with lots of action it should not be hurting or making you sore to nurse.

    several latch and positioning ideas: http://feedthebabyllc.com/latch-and-positioning/

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    Default Re: My Baby is Refusing Left Breast

    Thank you all so much for your replies. Still a week later she hasn't latched. She was coming down with a cold when I wrote this and has been really congested. So we are wondering if that is why. No ear infection.

    I am going to take all of these tips and try them. I have been pumping every day and keeping my supply up, doing lots of skin to skin, offering it to her with different positions. I pump a little to get the nipple out and that also gets some milk right on it. Still she arches her back and cries. When she was born, she wouldn't latch in the beginning to both nipples without a nipple shield. But now she won't go near it.

    I think that the soreness comes because she's been clamping down on my nipple with her gums and then twisting it. I have been saying, 'ouch' and unlatching her but sometimes the damage has already been done.

    If anyone has any more ideas, please share. I am so appreciative.

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