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Thread: Constipation? (7 month old)

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    Default Constipation? (7 month old)

    I've been really sick with a stomach bug the past 3 days, and am just able to keep food down today.
    I'm really only eating crackers and rice cakes today - most other foods still make me nauseous.
    I did manage to continue breastfeeding my 7 month old through all of the vomiting, etc. but now I'm afraid she's constipated today.
    We have been feeding her 1-2 times a day and last night I gave her some oatmeal cereal mixed with banana.
    She normally poops a couple of times a day, but had only passed gas a few times today and looked like she was trying to poop without success.
    She's also been very fussy and is not napping. (I only managed to get her to sleep a total of 50 minutes all day!)
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    My sister thought I should try giving her some pureed prunes.
    Aside from everything I wrote above, she's actually in pretty good spirits right now - bouncing up and down and playing in her exersaucer.
    That's why I'm not sure if it's constipation.
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    Default Re: Constipation? (7 month old)

    True constipation is hard, dry, difficult to pass stool. This most often resembles little balls (sort of like rabbit poop). Time between stool, gas, or grunting during passage of said stool are not signs of constipation.

    If you're concerned, you might consider trying nursing more frequently (breastmilk is a natural laxative). If increased nursing isn't working, prunes might help indeed. Otherwise, I would suggest laying off the solids for a few days, especially bananas as they can be constipating for some babies.


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    Default Re: Constipation? (7 month old)

    Thanks for responding! The morning after I posted this, DD pooped a small to medium sized poop, but hasn't really pooped since. (Did manage to get out about a tablespoon's worth of peanut butter consistency poop last night.) She usually poops 1-2 times a day.
    She's pushing a lot, getting out gas, but no poop. (Today is the 3rd day.) It does seem to be frustrating her.
    Pediatrician said I should wait and see unless she's really uncomfortable (pulling legs up to chest, crying a lot) or not eating/nursing well.
    I haven't fed her solids at all today, and nursed about every 2 hours.
    I'm mystified, because she is fussier than usual, but doesn't seem really uncomfortable. She did, however, not sleep very well today. (Woke up from her 2nd nap crying, and didn't fall back asleep.)
    I did give her a warm bath and massaged her belly around noon today (recommended by the Dr. Sears website.)
    I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm hesitant to feed solids, but I've also been told my ped's office to continue with prunes, veggies, and fruits like apricots and pears.
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    and lots of cloth diapers!

    Estela Kimberly, born August 31, 2007 and Sasha Julia, born September 3, 2010

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