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Thread: Breast pain

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    Default Breast pain

    My daughter is 3 weeks old and we have been pumping exclusively with no problems. Yesterday both breasts became very swollen and painful and now I am not getting nearly as much milk as I was when pumping. What could this be? Am I losing my milk supply?

    Thanks for any help

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    couple of questions?

    are you running a fever?
    how often are you pumping?
    heres a page about plugged ducts and mastitis check that out and see if you think thats what going on

    are you having pain?

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    Are you still getting good letdown for the pump? I was thinking maybe if the pump wasn't getting the milk well for some reason, then you'd end up feeling engorged. And that would also lead to plugged ducts and potentially mastitis.

    So sorry you're in pain, yeah check out that link she posted and see if it rings bells. Keep us posted! And call your doctor right away if you get a temperature or start feeling sick!
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