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Thread: waking up baby for night feeding??

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    Default waking up baby for night feeding??

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and desperate for help/support from other new moms breastfeeding.

    My daughter is 2 wks old today....she's a darling babe but the night feedings have been stressful.

    During the day I am BF'ing on demand..at least every 3 hours or sooner if she is showing signs of hunger ( rooting, sucking on her hands) At night time I am waking her at 4 hours. I haven't let her cry at night time to show that she is hungry. She makes alot of noises and moves around alot at night but doesn't cry. Is this normal????
    Should I let her cry at night or keep waking her up?? I don't know what to do

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    Default Re: waking up baby for night feeding??

    Do you pick her up and nurse her during those times when she is stirring? If so, she might be in a light enough sleep to nurse without really waking up. A lot of moms find that they are in tune enough with their babies to catch them during the time of restlessness before they cry at night. DS rarely cried at night to nurse.

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    Default Re: waking up baby for night feeding??

    When babies get restless at night at this age, it often means they are hungry - so you are doing the right thing by nursing her.
    You may not have to actually wake her up though, if you are in a position to nurse her laying down - or keeping all the lights out and things quite might help too.
    I know it's hard in the beginning because you are still turning the lights on looking at the latch, they still often need changed after every feed that sort of stuff. It will get better though!!
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