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Thread: Started solids-are these signs of problems?

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    Default Started solids-are these signs of problems?

    Hello-we sarted organic brown rice cereal with my 6 month old two days ago. He took to it right away and seemed to do quite well. However, I have noticed these things:

    Poop: He receives only breast milk and usually only goes every 3 days or so. Since starting cereal, he's more gassy and is passing oily, greenish movements several times each night.

    Skin: He has very small, raised bumps on the tops of his hands. He is also rubbing at his eyes, which he's never done before.

    As additional information: He also has a sensitivity to milk protein. I don't know if that means he's more prone to difficulties across the board or not.

    I guess I'm just wondering if I need to be concerned, call the doctor, or just keep feeding him? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Started solids-are these signs of problems?

    I would be concerned and would probably stop the food to see if it clears up in a few days. You might also want to post in the Allergy forum for more info.

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    Default Re: Started solids-are these signs of problems?

    Does he have the same reaction to dairy? My son gets green stools from dairy, due to his immature system being unable to process the protein so it passes through undigested. I would go back to only BM to give his system a break and see if his stools return to normal. I'd also talk to his HCP, at least call them and see what they say. Can you talk to a nurse over the phone? I know some changes in stools (frequency, color, consistency, etc) are normal when introducing solids, but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) green stools are a sign that the body is not processing the food and might not be getting some nutrients from it. And post in the allergy section here because I'm sure someone could direct you to useful info.

    BTW, my ped advised barley because he said it is less allergenic than rice. We had better luck with it.

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    Default Re: Started solids-are these signs of problems?

    Did you check to make sure the cereal didn't have any milk or soy products? Is it Earth's Best. If so then you are safe.

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