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Well, I am going to give the PIS a couple more weeks. A pediatrician told me I should pump every 4 hours. I end up not pumping that often so I think I should pick it up a bit. I keep reading on here 8-12 times a day. I usually only get about 5 or 6 in. During the night I tell myself I will pump when she wakes up to eat and the ironic thing is since I have been telling myself that she has been sleeping through the night. Plus it is hard for me cause of the lack of support I am getting trying to relactate. My DH thinks me doing this is ridiculous and just keepds telling me I shouldnt have stopped in the first place.He gets frustrated with me when I try to put her on the breat and she gets all fussy. Everytime I spend more money for my relactation "project" he gets upset which I can understand since with me not working temporarily I am not getting paid. Anyway, I too am only geting drops out (which is actually an improvment). I ordered the SNS and maybe I wil try that Lactaid in a few weeks.
oh i am sorry My DH was the same way. but we had a big talk about how I really want this and he has to support me and be positive for it to work. He told me it wouldn't work etc. but then started to support me
And now it's really nice that he can see that it is working when he sees me with more milk and with the baby latching.
good luck with the SNS ! they are the same thing (concept anyway) but just 2 different makers