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Thread: Yay! First foods!

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    Default Yay! First foods!

    So, last night we started James on cereal. I know it's not necessary, but I figured we'd start with something that we could mix with breast milk. Anyway, he LOVED it! A lot of it ended up on his bib and all over, but he got a lot in him, too! Then, wonder of wonders, he slept through the night with absolutely no coaxing on my part! I feel like I could run a marathon! He's six months today and also has a tooth that just erupted. He's growing up so fast! Mommy's so proud of her big boy, even though it's a little sad how quickly babyhood goes by.
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    Congrats on the through nite sleep. My LO is almost 7 mo. I have not slept for 3hrs straight since then..

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    That's great! Congratulations! We are starting solids (rice cereal & BM) in 6 days on LO's 6 month birthday - so excited but a little sad we are already here...!

    You should be proud - good job momma

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