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Thread: Some New mom questions

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    Default Some New mom questions

    We are breastfeeding with what I feel is good success. My DS is latching on well- at least i think he is (no sore nipples or pain and his mouth/lips look right).
    He is still very new- 10 days old, but we are feeding every two to three hours pretty much on cue- sometimes I have to wake him.

    My questions are:
    1. How do I know when he is "done" with a particular side? He usually falls asleep or his latch loosens. I burp him and try to latch him on again and sometimes he resists and others he latches on again.

    2.We have been working on getting my milk supply regulated and I know it takes some time- I have oversupply that lets down very strongly and he sometimes frets and struggles at first- latching on again and again. We are currently trying to feed from one side during a feeding and the other side at the next feeding- which seems to be helping. He is latching on longer and eating longer- which I take as a good sign- right?
    How will I know when to start offering both sides again?

    Any other insight advice would be most helpful- TIA!


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    Default Re: Some New mom questions

    It sounds like you guys are doing great! His latch sounds good, and it seems like you're following his cues for when he is hungry and full. I don't think you have anything to worry about there!

    As far as you supply regulating it sounds like your getting it under control. I had the same problem and I would actually use the same breast for two feedings then offer the other breast for the next two. It took about 2 weeks for my supply to even out and DS to stop pulling off and gagging. Here is a good article that talks about some other options on how to handle it.

    Overall you guys are both doing really really well. Congrats on your new baby and all the success your having establishing nursing!

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    I jsut wanted to say that you sound like you're doing really well. Generally they release their latch or fall asleep when done on one side. you seem to be right on the ball.Good job!

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