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Thread: New thing and thumbsucking

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    Default New thing and thumbsucking

    Just recently my lo (who is 3 months) starting pulling off the breast after the flow slows and she will just look around with her big blue eyes and up at me and sometimes smile and then go right back to eating for a few more sucks and then pull off again and do the same thing. Of course i cant help but think how adorable she is when she does this but am allowing a bad habit to start if encourage this in anyway by smiling at her or laughing when she does it??

    Also she has in the past few weeks become very fascinated by sticking her hands in her mouth and just in the last week or so became coordinated enough to stick her thumb in her mouth and suck on it. Both myself and my hubby are reluctant to let her thumbsuck so we always end up pulling it out and sticking her binky in instead (this is usually after she has eaten) because we figure if it comes to breaking the habit at least we have control over the binky. But at the same time if we do take the binky away from her at some point (hopefully soon) it seems like she will just resort to sucking her thumb. So im not sure what to do?? Anybody have some advice?

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    my lo, who is also just over 3 mos started sucking on her hand, and has tried to get her thumb too... our problem is that she does this when she is hungry and i have to try and pull her hands out of the way to get the breast in!! um about the binky thing, not really sure what to tell you b/c dd never really took one, so i might not be much help but can tell you you're not alone!!

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    Default Re: New thing and thumbsucking

    My LO (4.5 mos) did that quite a lot for the last month. He's actually moved on to bigger and better things, namely biting, so I think it's just one of those phases they go through. I tried everything to keep him latched, and then finally decided to just go with it. I figure that I stop and talk while eating, so why shouldn't he? Once in a while, if I felt he needed to nurse and not be so distracted, I nursed him in bed with the lights out, which usually eliminated the problem.

    Kellymom has a good "article" on distractible nurslings:

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