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    My son is just now seven months and we finally started solids last week. We were holding off because of food allergy issues (he has a dairy allergy so I'm off dairy) and I just was kind of scared to start down the solid food road. I felt so bad for him because he seemed so interested in food and I felt like I was depriving him. Well, I needn't have felt so bad because he could CARE LESS about solid food. We started out by slicing up a pear and steaming until it was nice and soft. I gave him a couple of slices and he played with them for a minute before bringing it up to his mouth. He made a horrified face, dropped the pear slice, and cried until I took the pear slices off of his high chair tray. For the next four or five days I put a couple of pear slices on his high chair tray once a day and he would push them around and bring them up towards his mouth and the second it touched the outside of his mouth, he would make his disgusted face, drop the slices and that was it. Yesterday, I steamed some cut up potato and gave him a few pieces of that. It was basically the same thing as the pear except he had more fun smashing these up into little messy bits. He has yet to actually get anything into his mouth. I almost want to spoon feed him something so that he gets the idea that it is food, but at the same time I want him to go at his own pace and decide what and how much to eat. Anyway, I'm just looking to see if others had the same type of experience with starting solids. I kind of expected him to pick up a piece of food, put it in his mouth, and be excited about eating it. I'm still waiting for him to "get" it.
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    Absolutely! I thought my DD would devour food when I finally gave it to her...nope. What I have found is she plays with food in the high chair, but if she sits on my lap during meals she wants to try what I'm having. I have started putting her food on my plate (if different from what I'm eating) and then she loves it. Maybe its the comfort of being on my lap? We still sit in the high chair for practice, but she just plays with the food then. Her favorite are whole soft fruits, like peaches, and I can't even get it to my mouth b/c she grabs it away from me! Also, timing has to be just so...not sleepy, not wanting to nurse yet, but not right after nursing either. When she is playful is the most successful.
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    I wouldn't worry about spoon feeding hurting his ability to decide...if you're going too fast or he doesn't want it, he'll just refuse it when it gets close to his face by turning his head away or pushing it away with his hands.
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    I know we were just talking about this on Sunday. I didn't know you hadn't tried a spoon yet. When they 1st start eating they just don't know what they're doing and are not coordinated enough. I think feeding them soft pureed type food with a spoon is good practice till they can figure it out themselves and grab what they want. He will go at his own pace, if he doesn't like it he won't eat it, and he will stop when he's full.

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