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its my nipples and breasts. my nipples are scabbed (hes latching on fine but for the first min or two it hurts -so i guess maybe hes not latching properly at first im not sure). and my breasts feel tender on the sides but their not full . i dont no how to describe what im mean
It takes a couple of weeks for your nipples to get used to nursing. I had the same experience of my nipples hurting for the first minute or two when I first started BFing. If they're scabbing over, you should use lanolin on them to keep them from drying out and getting worse. I'm not sure about the breast pain, it could be a number of things. If you've gotten a lot bigger since giving birth, you may need a more supportive bra. Are you changing feeding positions to make sure all the ducts are emptied completely? You don't want to get plugged ducts which will result in soreness and a hard area on your breasts.