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Thread: BM with Sudafed

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    Default BM with Sudafed

    Atthe begining of the month I was sick and so was luke. The ped said I could take sudafed and it wouldn't hurt luke but would get to him and relive his symptoms too. Well not thinking I pumped those days so the BM has Sudafed in it. I know what ones they are, they are marked. Should I throw them out or save them for if he gets a cold again? Or do you think its such a small amount it wont matter if he eats it???

    DISCLAIMER: Dont take meds to get to the baby through milk!!! EVER!!! I only did it under peds supervision and I was also sick! I just don't want a new mommy to think she can take meds just to get to the baby if its sick! It doesn't work that way. lol

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    Default Re: BM with Sudafed

    The amount he might get is really not that much... I think it's kinda odd/funny the doc even would suggest such a thing... I'd use the milk if *I* were you

    EDITED TO Ask... which sudafed was it????? it's got the psudoephedrine IIRC???!! Either way, I'd still give it to baby after the fact, I just wouldn't have taken it to begin with.. kwim?
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    Default Re: BM with Sudafed

    Well I wanted to take SOMETHING and Sudafed was safe in pregnancy so I called to see if it was safe when nursing too and he said it was fine because luke was sick but had me come in after 2 days to make sure he wasn't having any side effects (he wasn't) and to check the circ.

    He said Luke wouldnt get enough to hurt him but enough to clear his sinus'

    Edited to add to your edited to add! LOL It was the OTC not the one you have to fill out the novel for at the pharmacy. Not the actual Sudafedirin (sp?)

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    Default Re: BM with Sudafed

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommyofmyboys View Post
    Edited to add to your edited to add! LOL It was the OTC not the one you have to fill out the novel for at the pharmacy. Not the actual Sudafedirin (sp?)
    Oh okay, so it was the new kind with phenylephrine? Here's the LactMed entry on it. Doesn't look like there's much information available, but the oral bioavailability is low to begin with. So that lowers first the amount you take in, and then lowers the amount that the baby would take in once again.

    Personally I don't think I would dump the milk. But I wouldn't save it for later to use when baby has a cold either. The amount in the milk would be tiny. And there's some question as to whether phenylephrine is an effective decongestant anyway.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: BM with Sudafed

    Great thanks... I had no clue how my WHOLE world would change while BFing. I remember being pregnant and saying I can't wait until this is over. I NEED A DRINK!!! lol but here we are a month later BFing and not one drop of booze lol I thought 9 months was a long time to change your life. I didn't realise that BFing is just the same minuse the backache lol

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    Cool Re: BM with Sudafed

    I would just use the milk, weird that the doc said that, though? There is hardly any that actually gets through into your BM so it's safe to use anytime, now, when he's sick, whenever. When I was pregnant, the doc told me specifically to get the pseudophedrine HCL brand that's behind the counter, not the PE brand. So we use that when I'm sick...

    Also, my LLL lady that talked to at wic said you can still drink (lightly) while breastfeeding, you don't have to pump and dump. As soon as it's out of "your head", it's out of your breast milk, because it's out of your bloodstream. Don't know how true that is, but I like the sound of it.
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