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Thread: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

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    Default Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I have started shopping for nursing wear so I can get ahead on my to-do's before summer.
    I'm having a terrible time finding quality, yet reasonably priced nursing clothes. I don't have hundreds of dollars to blow on a new wardrobe of shirts and night gowns but as a full time nursing Mom on the go, you really don't wear anything else.
    What did you full time nursing Moms do for clothing?
    It is unreasonable of me to think I can get by this one?

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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I just discovered motherwear.com! A friend from my LLL meeting gave me a few shirts and they're cool. I went to their site and saw some good stuff, they even sell stuff with minor defects at their factory outlet on ebay... click on factory outlet and it will take you there...right now I'm trying to win the bid on a lot of clothes...15 pieces... for like 40$ if I win! Great deal! Good luck!
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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I second motherware
    if you know somebody who can make things for you there are some neat patternes out there...

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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I like that motherwear site... very nice! I didn't know about that one...

    I have to say, the only "nursing clothes" I am wearing these days (DD is 6 months) are these nursing tanks/camisoles I bought at Target (around $17 each.) I am wearing them as my bra & undershirt combined, but I'm not sure they would work for the big-busted mamas out there (I'm around a 36C right now.) The front drops down just like a nursing bra... I can un-do it with one hand. When I lift my shirt, my belly stays warm and covered... I bought 3 of them (black, white & grey) and I am always wearing one of them, day and night! Oh, and they're tagless too, which I LOVE!!!

    You can buy them online, but I found them in the store too...


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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I agree w/the pp, nursing tanks are great! I wanted to buy one at Target, but they didn't have my size so I bought one at Motherhood. They are about the same price at each store, around $17. I love mine!!! It makes it possible for me to wear almost all of my regular tops which makes me super happy (I don't have lots of money to run out & buy new clothes either...). Plus, the Motherhood ones are thick enough to wear by themselves too!
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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I just got a few tops at motherhood maternity ( I found the outlet store near me) and I love them and they are reasonably priced, but i'm going to look at that website it pp too Thanks Mammas

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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    i third the nursing tank advice i loved mine. i, however did not like motherwear or the target ones because they felt cheap and were not nearly supportive enough for me ( i was a 38 f ) i hated the nursing holes too.

    the ones i did love were from BRavado Designs. ( www.bravadodesigns.com) way better quality and there is a real bra inside. full drop down cups, no holes to fit through...the clasps and straps were much nicer too. they were more $$ than the target ones, but IMHO much cuter and lasted way longer. ive had mine for over 2 years and abused it and it is still in great shape.

    in terms of sizing, i got away with the 40 d size because i was a small f cup ( if there is such a thing lol) i still wear mine now that i've weaned because it just looks like a regular tank.

    other than that, i did'nt bother getting any night gowns...just comfy nursing bras and the tanks with jammie pants for bed and lounging. for going out of the house, i just added in a front opening shirt , hoodie or jacket of sorts. good to go.
    FWIW, after a few months, i just wore my normal clothes to nurse...we got pretty quick and pro at doing it in public

    good luck.

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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    i never bought any official nursing clothing because of the prices. i wear a tanktop underneath a shirt i can either unbutton or lift up easily, and then pull down the neckline of the tanktop under my boob when it's time to nurse. it stretches out the tanktops, but i got then for like 5 bucks at target, so who cares.
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    Default Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I love Old Navy's maternity tanktops for nursing. They're cheap, give you support, and all you have to do is "scoop" up and over... And I like that they have a little more length to them, so it doesn't pull up and show my tummy!
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