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Thread: Finally got it, I think?

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    I'd like to know, too. Our technique seemed good, but there was only so far I could get him to take it. Now it's fine, but I think it's 'cause his mouth got bigger. I'd like to know for the next one.
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    What position are you using? Are you using any type of pillow? If so, is that pillow kindof tall?

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    I use a boppy and we still do the cross craddle position. That's the only position we've ever used.

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    we have a boppy but don't usually use it... it made me feel like she was too high and squished... sometimes i'll just use a smally pillow under her head. which i hold with my hand. then i hold my breast with the other. Maybe it's all wrong, but it kinda works

    we did fix the problem of dd turning her head and not fully facing me belly to belly

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