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Thread: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

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    Default Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    I'm looking for some much needed help and advice. My daughter is 8 1/2 months and is still getting up at least once sometimes twice during the night. Sometimes she goes back down after I nurse her and sometimes she doesn't and just chatters in her crib for up to an hour or more. I'm exausted and so is my husband.
    Last night we put her down at the usual time - 730p. She woke up at 315a and after I nursed her, she was up chatting in her crib (babbling and sometimes light crying) until 515a!! My toddler is up at 6a to use the potty and then up for the day shortly after that. So I can not survive the day having been up since 3a.
    Should I not be going in there at all to feed her? Do you think that will help? If so ... am I supposed to just let her cry? And for how long?

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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    That is STTN. 7:30 - 3:15 is a long stretch!


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    Cool Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    I agree with PP, have you tried laying your LO down a little later? Like 8:30?
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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    Also with pps-1 to 2 times at that age is pretty good. There is a 8.5-9 month growth spurt and also likley she may be about to accomplish a developmental milestone-is she about to crawl or pull-up? At that age my DD was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night practicing physical stuff. Or she could be having a cognitive spurt, where her brain is connecting something new. Have you tried bringing her to bed with you to get some more sleep?

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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    just hugs, My daughter is 11 months and gets up atleast three times. I have changed my attitude about night waking and now we are both happier. I know its hard at times, but soon it will pass.
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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    My first two babes did not sleep through until they were a year. I'm assuming this one will be the same. I agree that perhaps you could try putting her down a little later? Good luck. It is tough to live on little sleep.

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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    uh, my son is nearly 10 months. My husband and I do a victory dance if his first "long" stretch is 2.5 hours! He wakes 3-5 times in the night. I consider it a successful night if I don't actually remember how many times he woke in the night (because I was able to roll over, nurse him, then fall back asleep)!

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    Default Re: Not sleeping through the night at 8 months

    My son is 20 months old and still wakes up to nurse at least 3 times at night which corresponds to every 3 hours or so. Your situation is different though because your baby is actually sleeping through the night. 7:30-3am is a really long stretch for an 8 month-old. Have you tried nursing her between her sleep just before you go to bed (like 10-11 or something?). Dr. Brazelton suggests that most babies cannot sleep more than 6-7 hour stretches without a feeding before they are at least 1 so he recommends a feeding before the mom goes to bed. Maybe that will help her stay asleep until 6.
    However, the fact that she doesn't go back to sleep after nursing also may be because she is just learning a new thing and she is excited. If that is the case it will pass within a week or so although the hunger won't.

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