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Thread: Breastmilk won't freeze?!?!?!

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    Perhaps try laying the bags flat in the middle of the freezer (not stacked on one another)? Remember that milk freezes at a lower temperature than water. If the ice cream in your freezer is hard, that means your freezer is cold enough to freeze breastmilk.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah1007 View Post
    I don't know anything about the unfrozen breastmilk.
    I had a yeast infection too & although my son didn't have it (we were both treated though), he would scream & cry at the breast. I don't know if the infection made my milk or breast taste funny, or if it was somehow uncomfortable to him or what, but it happened every time he nursed for days. Just wanted to throw that out there because it could be the infection that's causing the crying even if she doesn't have it.
    Be patient & keep trying. I'm sure she hasn't forgotten how & if she has she can relearn!

    How did you get rid of your yeast infection? I've had this for 3 weeks and I've literally tried everything. I've been on Diflucan for 10 days, have eliminated starches and sugars from my diet, everything is washed in hot water/vinegar, all pump parts etc are boiled daily. Also on probiotics and YeastCleanse from Solaray, which has just about every herbal antifungal remedy that exists. Have also used gentian violet 2X a day for 7 days and Monistat on my nipples. My baby is on Diflucan but she doesn't appear to have symptoms (according to her doc). I'm still in alot of pain and I don't know how much longer I can continue to breastfeed.

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