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Thread: plugged nose

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    Maybe she's getting through the worst of it right now. Symptoms of a cold last around/up to 14 days, with day 4 usually being the worst, from what I've read anyway! Good luck and s to you both!
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    I'd like to suggest a warm mist vaporizer. I find them to be much more effective snd soothing. Generally the cool mist humidifiers are recommended because of the risk of burns from the steam or if the unit got tipped over. But if you don't have any other little ones toddling around, and you follow the user's guide, it's perfectly safe. We keep one on the floor bedside, where we co-sleep with baby. but if your baby sleeps in her own room, just be sure to leave the door open and check frequently that the humidity level doesn't get too high. Best of all, these units are cheap! (Vick's brand) You can also add liquid Vicks or essential oils to the water.

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    Cool Re: plugged nose

    Quote Originally Posted by leahmn12 View Post
    Best of all, these units are cheap! (Vick's brand) You can also add liquid Vicks or essential oils to the water.
    I absolutely love my $10 vicks vaporizer! It has a spot on top to put the vicks in, and the heated water runs right over that, and voila! your room smells like grandma!
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    So sorry to hear your LO has her first cold!! I think my LO was about that same age when she got her first one... Here is what we do to help her with sinus congestion:

    - Use a humidifier in our bedroom where she sleeps
    - Elevate the head of her bed for sleeping, and try to keep her upright during the daytime too.
    - A few saline drops in each nostril, then (GASP!) use the booger-sucker to suck out what we can. (We use one that is shaped so it can't go very far up into the nostril...)
    - We rub Vicks BABY rub on her chest at nighttime (it has natural stuff in it like eucalyptus & rosemary, no medicine in it.) (Has anyone else ever tried this stuff?)
    - We use tissues with lotion in them or a warm washcloth to wash the snot off her face, especially after she sneezes which really seems to break up the mucus... I can imagine their poor little noses get sore from us wiping the snot away!

    Anyway, this is just what we do to help our LO feel better...
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    You could run a cool mist humidifier as well in the nursery or your bedroom (where ever she sleeps at night) This helped my dd when she was stuffy!

    You could ask the pharmacist for a little syringe, or buy one over the counter (like the kind that you give oral meds with) and you could use that to get the BM into her nose
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    YAY she is doing better, we bought the vicks warm mist vaporizer with the vicks vapo steam and use that in the bedroom at night and ran it in the livingroom during the day. She isnt so stuffy at night and now is just stuffy around mid day. She is eating better too, back to eating all day and eating twice at night. Now mommy has the snufflies and sore throat LOL. I did buy that vicks baby rub but it says for 3 months plus and since she isnt there yet i was hesitant to use it on her. Thank you guys so much for all your help.
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