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Thread: Is this poop smell normal?

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    Default Is this poop smell normal?

    1 yo DD's diaper last night was abnormally smelly. It wasn't completely awful, but worse than normal since the intro of solids - and it was just a little smellier - the consistency was normal. I did give her some cow's milk earlier in the day - maybe a couple of ounces... She's had small amounts of cm before but this and no bad smellies before, but I don't know?

    I know I've heard that formula fed babies poops smell bad, but I don't know?

    should her poop smell a little worse when she drinks cow's milk? This isn't a sign of an allergy is it?
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    Default Re: Is this poop smell normal?

    I wouldn't think that's a sign of an allergy. I do know that somethings just smell worse than others. The corned beef my son had over the weekend for St. Pats day was just horrible! I was told meats stink worse than anything and I know from changing my neices and nephews diapers that formula poop really does stink much worse than breastmilk poop. And since formula is basically just cows milk, I would think that would stink, too.
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    Default Re: Is this poop smell normal?

    that some things just stink worse than others!
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    Default Re: Is this poop smell normal?

    Sometimes I actually gag cleaning up DS poop it stinks so bad. I wouldn't be concerned.
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