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    hi my ds is 5.5 months old. and he soooo distractable these days. i try to always feed him in my chair with little distractions. but some time he just wont eat. its be 3hrs since he last ate and shows sign of hungry so i latch him on he eats for like maybe 5min total then looses intrest! i thought maybe it was gas because he seems to burp alot. so i been trying to be patient and burp him and then relatch him to see if he would eat more. he is healthy and happy so i have no real reason to worry. but i guess i am not sure what i should do should i keep fighting to get him to eat more or roll with the punches? tia

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    They do get distractible when they start to pay more attention to the world around them. It could also be that he has gotten better at getting the milk out. My lo went from nursing for 30 minutes on one side to only taking about 10 minutes, and it seemed to happen overnight.

    I'd keep encouraging him to latch on again, but I wouldn't be too concerned if he won't. He'll definitely let you know if he gets hungry again and you can keep watching diaper output for signs of decreased intake just in case, but I wouldn't be too worried if I were you.

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    Babies get more efficient as they get older. So, the time it takes to nurse may decrease. They may also go for longer periods between nursing sessions. Around that age is a highly distractible phase too. I had to take DD to the darkened bedroom and nurse laying down to keep her focused. No music, TV, or anything could be on or she would be popping off and wanting to go explore. More than likely it is a phase.
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