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    Lately, for reasons I haven't figured out yet, my 3.5 month old is not eating much. He'll eat for a few minutes (3) and then arch his back and try to roll away. My question is, how quickly will my milk supply react to the reduce in demand and reduce my supply? I'm so worried that when he starts eating normally again, there won't be enough milk. Along those same lines, what if he goes two nights in a row without waking up to eat. Will my boobs adjust to the decrease in demand there and stop producing as much on the third night or does it take longer than that?

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    At 3.5 months, your BB might have become a more efficient nurser, and they become VERY curious about the world around them. If you continue to nurse on demand, your body will make enough milk. Please try not to worry that you don't have enough. Your body has also leveled off a bit, getting in tuned with the BB.

    Keep up the good work! As long as BB is pooping, peeing, and gaining there is no worry!

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