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Thread: New here and need desperate help!!

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    Unhappy New here and need desperate help!!

    Hello, I have a 3 month old DD that I have been bfing. At about 4 weeks old I started noticing blood and mucous in her stools sporadically. She also was very uncomfortable, wiggling, moaning and she wouldn't sleep. It was thought to be a dairy allergy, so I cut dairy out of my diet.

    Fast forward to her 2 month appointment, still notice blood and mucous in her stools- very runny, watery always a different color- I try 3 different formulas and give up because I desperately want to BF my baby. Doc says to keep sticking with cutting out dairy so I do that. (I've cut out ALL dairy)

    Last Friday, I notice a huge amount of blood in her stool and end up in the ER where I get no answers whatsoever and am referred to a Pediatric GI doctor.

    I went in on Tuesday and the GI doc suspects it to be a multiple food allergy and we've started her on Neocate. Out of desperation, I stopped BFing and hardly have pumped at all, so I'm sure I'll be drying up shortly. I am to bring in a stool sample to test for viruses, as that may also be the problem. My pediatrician told me to keep pumping in case there is a chance to go back to bfing.

    I also have a huge overproduction/overactive letdown issue. I've tried block feeding and it wasn't doing much. I'm sure since I haven't pumped much in 3 days, that I've solved that problem.

    I desperately want to bf my dd, I had to go on Zoloft for PPD because of all these issues that we are having. I cry all the time and just want to do what is best for my baby. Can someone please help me?? What do I do??


    Cara (Mom to Sophia- 3mos)

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    Default Re: New here and need desperate help!!

    Yikes. Its sounds like you are have been through alot. Its sounds like she has allergies. What if you try cutting out wheat, eggs, dairy and soy? Those are the main allergies I think.
    When you did block feeding what hour blocks did you use... 2 , 3. 4 hour blocks? You can do up to 6 hour blocks I believe.
    I would keep pumping in hopes that you can go back to breastfeeding.
    I am sure others will have better answers . Hang in there!!

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    Default Re: New here and need desperate help!!

    Dear Cara,
    I can see that life has been very difficult for you right now, and I am very sorry but please stop crying and start to enjoy your wonderful baby.
    When you feel depress, just look at her, how beautiful she is and how happy you are to have her :-)
    I am so sorry that you havn't been able to breasfeed. I would actually see another pediatrican and a lactation consultant. Because Breastmilk is what is best for baby, maybe the lactation consultant can help you with your diet.
    Hope everything goes back to normal soon.
    Good Luck and keep smiling
    Celine ( Pierre 9 months)

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    Default Re: New here and need desperate help!!

    Have you checked out the allergies board a little further down the list? If it is a food allergy, you might have to eliminate several foods from your diet for a while, but bfing is still the best thing for her. Check in there and see if those ladies can give you some more specific help. Hang in there!

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    Cool Re: New here and need desperate help!!

    So sorry mama!

    Definitely sounds like a food allergy of some kind! Here's a website that might help!


    It's all about food allergies in breastfed babies, and what to eliminate.

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