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Thread: First food?

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    DD is going to be 6 months next week and she is ready for solid food! Yay! So, I was wondering, I planned on starting with bananas, should I mash them with a little BM and feed them to her or give her some small pieces of ripe banana? I love the idea of her being able to feed herself, and I think she would love it, too. But I wasn't sure if this would be too abrupt a way to start solids. Should I do a few days of mashed bananas to introduce the taste, then let her try herself?

    Thank you!
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    We did banana for my DD's first food and I just mashed them up without adding breastmilk or anything and she did fine. I think you could probably let her take bites for herself if she wanted to too. I didn't do it at that age, but I'm sure other people probably have. Hopefully someone else can give you some better advice about that. Have fun experimenting with solids!
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