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Thread: Not sure where to put this so...

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    Default Not sure where to put this so...

    I'm a few days away from being 36 weeks pregnant with #4. I didn't even realize until just a couple of days ago that I'm not leaking at all. With the older three, I was wearing nursing pads pretty early into my pregnancies. This time around there is nothing. I can't even express a drop. Is that ok? Will that affect nursing this fourth little one?
    Thank you!!

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    I have only had one baby... but I didn't leak at all and my breasts have been going good and strong these past seven months!
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    I have not read that leaking was a prerequisite of a healthy supply.

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    I have also only had one baby, and absolutely nothing was coming out of my breasts until my baby was born (my milk didn't even come in until 5 days pp)... I think you should be fine, especially since you've successfully breastfed your other children! Stay confident, mama!

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    with PP's. Leaking is not a sign, either way, of how BF'ing will work out for you!
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    i never leaked at all during pregnancy, but i leaked all through bfing and now that i've weaned I"M STILL LEAKING and it's been 7 mos since i last fed!

    so yes, it's possible that your body is just a little different this time. i do'nt think it has anything to do with your milk supply afterward.

    hope that helps

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