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Thread: Great News! Regarding Baby

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    well done...i am the same i always worry, and the 1 week he spent what seemed like the whole week spitting up ( and he isnt a one for doing that normally) he put on 15 oz!! but he is on the 75th % and regually put on abut 10-11 oz a week now!!! but it is natural to worry, i still get a bit nervous at every weigh in we have for him!

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    Keep up the good work!
    Loving mama to S - 11/06, and F - 1/09

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    Cool Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Great job!
    Hi there

    I'm fomally milk_milk a SAHM of Donevyn Shane

    We never get any housework done
    Thank heavens for the Daddy

    We're back to , with the crib attached as a side care... Hooray! He sleeps through the night this way!

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    my lo always spits up, mostly cottage cheese looking stuff. i get worried too, but he gained 1/2 pound in one week so i know he's doing well.

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    way to go...trust your body!!!!
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