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Thread: Great News! Regarding Baby

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    Default Great News! Regarding Baby

    And here I was worried about him not getting enough to eat because of spitting up...

    Well baby Jeremy has gained.. get this, a WHOLE POUND since last wednesday. A pound in seven days is PHENOMENAL.

    Doc told me to quit worrying and keep doing whatever it is I am doing.
    Mama to JerBear, the rough and tumble kid, 18 months.

    All done nursing, all done pumping. Raising a toddler with food aversions and doing my best to deal with three painful conditions!

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Awesome job Mommy! Keep up the good work! Enjoy your little one being little, they grow up so fast!
    Mama to my Rubies
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    And my Christmas Eve baby
    L '12
    I will carry you all my life
    And I will praise the one who's chosen me to carry you
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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Great job Mama!

    ...lol, I was a little thrown off by the smiley's...
    I'm Jessi
    Proud mama to Breanah Grace 9/10/07, wife to Eric
    Happily, exclusively BF for 7 months

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    That's great! Keep up the good work.
    Melissa, mom to my very busy 4-year-old little man and super busy 2-year-old princess.

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Yeah!!! Good for you, mama!!!

    Mama to my sweet blueberry eyed boy Joshua
    born on 11/2/2006

    and my blueberry eyed baby Jonah Henry...my water birth baby!
    born on 6/15/09


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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    I bow down to super-mama with her super-milk!!!! That is awesome - congratulations!!!
    Erin - Hayden James is my beautiful boy - we've been nursing happily for two years, with no end in sight!

    Change the language, change the reality.

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    I worried about the same thing with my LO! And she's been 75th percentile for weight for months! I guess we have to worry about something ! Good job!!
    Jen, momma to Charlotte Rae born 9/25/07

    Still breastfeeding !

    and !

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Congrats!!!!! Great Joby job with the best food ever!!

    Jake: Born 11/15/07
    6lbs 5oz ~ 19inch and 3/4's long

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    Don't you feel like you can conquer the world now?!
    "The biggest mistake a man can make, is to have the fear of making one" Unknown

    Being "just" a mom is the most powerful thing I could ever do, and it makes me the happiest person I could be.

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    Default Re: Great News! Regarding Baby

    First time mommy of Robert Nicolas, now 9 whole months(), and loving it!

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