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    Hello everyone. Hope this fits in this section. Lately 10 mos old DD is nursing at 6 am-has a bottle at daycare and I pump at 10 and 2-then has weaned herself (about 2 weeks ago)from the nurse before we eat at 5:30 then nurses to sleep at 7pm.She has also slept through until 5:30am for the last three nights. My question is regarding a pain in my breast. It is not a lump but a warm stingy pain on the side of my left breast. Is this normal. It even happens when I have just pumped dry. It is not a consistent pain just one that happens if I touch the side or if I walk and they bounce. Thanks in advance! You guys seriously rock. My lactation consultant is so busy!

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    So if your schedule for milk removal has changed, there is a possibility that you might have a blocked duct. How long has it been painful? Any signs of fever or body ache? You may want to try some breast massage in the shower, or use a warm compress to help with the discomfort.
    Do you use any breast compressions when pumping?

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