I am actually on my 6th day of Diflucan, and just started the antibiotic today as well. I'm finishing the Diflucan (fluconazole), and then completing the antibiotics. I'm not sure what will happen, but the lactation consultant said not to expect any significant improvement for 7 days. Very resistent bacteria apparently. I am usually very anti-medication, but my doc (also usually very anti-meds) has assured me that it's safe to take what I'm taking. Oh! eemagray! If you are on an antibiotic, try taking a bunch of probiotics along with it. Yogurt has just a fraction of what you can get through the probiotics capsules. At one point (when I thought it was yeast), I was taking 9-12 capsules a day! I don't think you can take too much.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully, this next treatment will work. Praying for all of you who are suffering as well.