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Thread: Pedi vent - and weight gain questions

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    They commented a few weeks ago at a weight check that at her two month appt. (next Tuesday) they'll probably schedule them. She doesn't sleep completely through the night, but in about four hour blocks. Sometimes she varies and will wake up every two, but then again sometimes she'll sleep 7 hours (very rarely though). I keep trying to set an alarm to wake up every two hours, but I keep sleeping through it and waking up at the next one. She's eating 10-12 times normally. Her starting daycare has thrown this off though. Its probably only down to eight times, because they give her bigger bottles at daycare. Yesterday she ate 9 oz in 5 hours. The day before 5 1/2. Thats a big jump. They gave her a four oz bottle at 6:00. Hello, I pick her up at 6:30, and I nurse! Anyways, so we're probably down to 8 per day now.

    And she does have the correct amount of wet diapers daily. About 5 sopping wet ones, and one or two smaller wet ones. So I know that she's getting enough to keep her hydrated.

    What can I do to add fat to my milk? Anything? I read an article on kellymom, but it really didn't tell me what to eat.

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    Default Re: Pedi vent - and weight gain questions

    So they ran labs and everything came back normal. So now we're back to a milk problem. The doctor thinks that either she is lazy and is only taking in enough to sustain her where she's at, or my milk doesn't have enough fat in it.

    They asked me to pump and give formula all weekend. He said that we need to know if she can gain weight. If she gains weight on the formula (which I'm quite sure she will) then we're back to my milk. Being told in depth why he was asking me to pump for the weekend, I am willing do it. Its for my daughters well being, so I can't likely say no!

    I've noticed from pumping today that I have a REALLY low supply in the evenings. Like, really really low. Two hours after her last feeding/my pumping I could only get one ounce from both sides. That is a big problem. Can I remedy a supply issue in three days? I'm going to pump religiously every two hours. Should I pump more in the evenings if thats when I'm having a really low supply?

    And does anyone know how to increase the fat in my milk? He told me that it is really rare that this happens, but since its a possibility, I want to know how to remedy it. He said you can add formula powder to breastmilk, but that still involves me pumping and giving a bottle. Can I fix my milk so that I can still nurse?

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    I don't know to increase the fat intake in milk but I did want to add that just because you can barely get anything from your pump doesn't mean you don't have any milk....
    Are you making sure you lo is getting to the hind milk??
    Exactly what labs did you doctor run? Did he do a metabolic panel. I just have a hard time seeing that its your milk. It sounds like she nurses enough. Maybe you can combo feed. I wouldn't give up all together!!! A friend of mine daughter's had the same issue pretty much and they figured out that she wasn't latched right and was only getting the foremilk and also since she wasn't latched right it didn't signal moms body to make enough milk- not saying this is your problem just mentioning it because she pumped and combo fed and now at 9 months is still doing both- Her daughter has gained weight beautifully and is still getting immunity from mama!!

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