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Thread: Is the damage already done?

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    Default Is the damage already done?

    I was wondering - once you start a solid once, is the intestinal "damage" done? I gave my 4 1/2 mo. DD some mashed banana 2x (as per the advice of the "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" book.
    Then, at my DDs dr. appt yesterday, he suggested I start her on rice cereal b/c she's at the bottom curve of her weight.
    I gave her a little oatmeal cereal last night, but am having terrible guilt about it.

    I'm very worried about future digestive troubles as I have Crohn's disease and would hate to think something I do might cause her to have issues too.

    Once you start is the damage done? Or would holding off still be beneficial?

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    Default Re: Is the damage already done?

    Hi Tracy. I'm not a doctor, but my guess would be that baby's intestines are just fine, unless you've seen a strong reaction in her. However, with Crohn's in her genetics it might be wiser to wait. Just because she's at the bottom of her curve is not good enough reason to add solids. Is she losing weight with EBF? Or is she energetic and happy and peeing and pooping enought? If so, then why worry? Someone has to be small!

    My lo is also small and was EBF until 4 months. We added fruits, vegies and some cereals at 4 months because she seemed developmentally ready - sitting up by herself, making chewing motions, begging like CRAZY, etc. She has done very well with her solids and loves them (we have no allergy issues on either side of the family). However, I read somewhere (I think Dr. Sears Baby Book) that sometimes, early introduction of solids will lead to a solids strike later on. Well, that's happening with us. It's not that she doesn't want solids, it's that she now wants exactly what Mommy and Daddy are eating. And she's not ready for that.

    So, I would hold off unless someone can make a really, really good argument for adding solids. And what would that argument be? I don't think baby gains more weight with solids added to BF.

    But don't worry about having hurt her. Remember too that those baby growth hormones are incredible at healing hurts (scratches healing in an hour!)


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    Default Re: Is the damage already done?

    She's a perfectly happy baby in every other respect, and does all the normal stuff for her age, she's just long and lean. She hasn't dropped off the curve but she's close.
    By the time her next appt is, she will be 6 mo anyway, so I guess I can wait and if he says she's not gaining well, we'll be ready to start anyway!

    She loved the "food" when I gave it to her. Grabbed the spoon and wanted to feed herself. VERY interested in our food, tries to grab it.

    Thanks for the advice, makes me feel better that I didn't permanently damage her!

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