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Thread: Need help with Relactation!

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    Question Need help with Relactation!


    I am a first time mother. My daughter is about 11 1/2 weeks old. At two weeks I stopped breastfeeding temporaily to "heal" and pumped and bottlefed for about 4 days. After putting my daughter bck on the breast, again, the pain was to much for me, nipples were horribly cracked again so I decided that I was going to exclusively pump which I did until she was about 6 weeks. For the past five weeks she has been on formula. I regret it terribly and I want to start breastfeeding again. Even if I have to exclusively pump, I really want her to have the benefits of breastmilk. She will not get back on my breast. I am pumping for like 5-10 minutes every hour of the waking day (I have been doing this for almost a week now). I only get a couple of beads of milk. I am also taking an herbal supplement called More Milk Plus which contains Fenugreek seed, blessed thistle, nettle leaf, and fennel seed. Has anyone had experience with relactation, especially after stopping for so long (5 weeks). Is this hopeless or will I eventually be able to give my daughter my breastmilk again?

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    I can't help you with your question but there is a relactation forum where you might get more info and suggestions.



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