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Thread: Should I supplement, or give solids?

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    Default Should I supplement, or give solids?

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and have never posted before. I need some advice.

    My youngest son is 3 1/2 months old (he's my third). He has been exclusively breastfed, and has been doing extrememly well. He is on the skinny side, only in the 3rd percentile for weight.

    I work from 7:30 to 2pm, then nurse exclusively in the evening and night. He has been sleeping straight through for 8 or 9 hours at night. He's been sleeping like that for about a month now.

    For the past week, I've noticed that I am not able to pump as much as usual. I had a good storage supply in the freezer and now it's dwindled down to four or five bags. He wants more than the 4 ounces my mom gives him at a time. I'd like to start giving him 6 or 8 ounces a time, but I can only pump out 4 ounces total at each session. I pump three times while at work, so I know I'm doing it often enough. I have rented a Medela Lactina double pump, so I know the pump is good enough.

    I'm trying to increase my supply, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    My real question is, which would be better, to give him a bottle of formula during the day while I'm at work, or to start him on cereal?
    Thanks for any input!

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    Default Re: Should I supplement, or give solids?

    Hi and !

    In regards to cereal, I would wait until your little one is at least six months old.

    You mentioned that you nurse in the evening and at night. What about in the morning before work: is there a nursing or pumping session there? (Just wanting to have a clear picture.)

    Now I have to ask the mommy-care questions: Are you drinking enough fluids? Eating enough caloires? Getting enough sleep? The reason is because they all help in milk production.

    I know some more knowledgeable mommies will be have some really good trick to share or better questions to ask. Anyway, we're glad you're here!!!
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    Default Re: Should I supplement, or give solids?

    From what you've told us, you are pumping enough, and your baby is eating an amount that's similar to other infants. Most infants in daycare take in about 1-1.5oz per hour that they are separated from their mother, spaced out into feedings every 2-4hrs.

    What size bottle nipple are you using? Perhaps switching to a slower-flow bottle nipple would help meet his suckling needs?

    Or maybe he has other needs, like just to be held, or rocked, or sleep, or dry diaper, or any of the other needs that infants have but can't articulate? Offering your mom some ideas for soothing him that you know work (rocking, going for a walk, being worn in a sling, etc), instead of feeding him, may allow you, your mom, and baby to slowly realize that he really is getting enough.

    You asked about offering cereal - solids generally aren't recommended before about six months of age, when the infant shows signs of readiness. Here's a quick article about when to feed solids: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/solids.html
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    Default Re: Should I supplement, or give solids?

    Somethings to try to increase the amount you are pumping, if you decide to go that route, are eating oatmeal (in any form) and making sure you are hydrated.

    Another thing I find is that if I am stressed or have to pump somewhere that is not private, that my pumping output really goes down. If you can pump somewhere quiet and private that may help.

    It does sound like your lo is getting enough bm when you are gone, but I understand the worry about pumping. Oh, could this be a growth spurt your lo is going through??? That might help explain it too!

    Good luck to you!!!
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    Default Re: Should I supplement, or give solids?

    Hi! Just wanted to say welcome and add a few links to articles that really helped me:
    How much milk does my baby need during the day?
    Supply Boosters
    Smart use of your Freezer Stash
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