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Thread: Candida - bentonite, is it safe?

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    Default Candida - bentonite, is it safe?

    Hello all, I am battling systemic yeast while breastfeeding my asymptomatic 10 month old. I found this article that recommends taking a slurry of pysillium, bentonite clay and caprylic acid with water several times a day to rid the body of yeast. Is bentonite clay safe for breastfeeding? I can't find an answer via Google.

    Here is the article:

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Candida - bentonite, is it safe?

    While I have not heard of that I do wonder what else you've tried?

    Can you call your childs doc to run this by him/her?

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    Default Re: Candida - bentonite, is it safe?

    I just got an email back from Kelly Andrews, she is the author of the article on www.chirokelly.com and this is what she had to say about the safety of bentonite while breastfeeding:

    "Bentonite is not absorbed into the body - it stays in your digestive tract, doesn't enter the blood stream and therefore, has no affect on breast milk."

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    Default Re: Candida - bentonite, is it safe?

    So it is inert? Thank you for posting.

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